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In a more and more insecure world the need for medic response, knowledge and equipment is growing. To know what do and how to react, if you, your family, friends or colleagues get injured, is life saving.
It is Apirons mission to teach, develop and advise you or your business for the worst case scenario.
The Apiron Training unit is comprised of highly skilled specialized operators deploying and developing standards in medium to high risk environment.


It is Apirons goal to teach, advise and supply high standard medic courses and medic equipment to you and your business operating worldwide.
Each course and training program is customized and thoroughly directed via our skilled operators, focusing on our customers’ needs and their line of business, no matter if the work is behind a desk, storage hall or in a hostile environment.
A co-operation between Apiron and your business can give you a full medic solution from teaching, equipment to emergency call center 24/7.

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